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College Disciplinary Proceedings and Due Process

Your son or daughter is at a great school and doing well in all his or her courses. You’ve paid the tuition and the room and board, or financial aid is in place to get you through the college years. Everything seems to be going well until one night when your child and a few… more

Update to “Another One Rides The Bus”

Back in a prior blog article, we wrote about a recent local court decision obtained by our office on behalf of a client enjoining the Manheim Township School District from refusing to bus a Middle School student from both his mother’s and his father’s homes in a situation where both parents live in the district,… more

PA Updates Child Abuse Laws

Pennsylvania Updates Child Abuse Laws It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2 years since the infamous Penn State sex scandal broke national news. With so many Penn State alumni and students in the Lancaster area, the subsequent firing of Joe Paterno and trial of Jerry Sandusky are still fresh in the minds of… more

What is Legal Separation in PA?

There are a lot of misconceptions about legal separation. It becomes especially confusing when each state has their own variations in family law for divorce and separation. Hopefully this will clear up some questions you may have concerning the process in Pennsylvania family law courts. What Legal Separation Is Not: • In Pennsylvania, there is… more