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Bankruptcy Filings in Lancaster County

Check out this article in the Tuesday, May 5, 2015 issue of the Lancaster Newspaper, in which Matthew Samley shares his thoughts on the trends in bankruptcies and Lancaster County businesses.   Business Bankruptcies in Lancaster County

Why Schedule A Consultation?

Many initial calls by potential clients to attorneys’ offices result with a question “do I have a case or not”.  While it may seem like a very basic question, a majority of wisdom and advice you may receive from an attorney cannot be provided over the phone without the opportunity to understand the whole picture,… more

How to Get a Divorce in Pennsylvania

There are a myriad of considerations when it comes to the divorce process.  Depending upon the circumstances of your situation, the process can range from relatively simple and inexpensive to very complex and unfortunately, very expensive.  Are there children?  Will custody be an issue?  What are the assets?  Do you each have similar incomes or… more

Why Does Divorce Skyrocket from January to March?

All over the U.S., lawyers are talking about the increased number of divorce cases they see in January. While December is usually the year’s low, January numbers shoot up and remain that way through March. What’s behind this trend? Post-Holiday Detox It makes sense that divorce would be low during December. Who wants to file… more

Schools Required to Bus Children to Both Divorced Parents’ Houses

Another follow-up to two of our recent blogs (“Another One Rides the Bus with apologies to the Queen” and “Update to Another One Rides the Bus”) regarding bus transportation for children of divorced parents who equally share custody and reside within the same school district.  Mr. Reese of our office represented the father, Mr. Watts.  Here… more

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