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Objection! That’s Hearsay!

Most people have heard the word “hearsay” and know there is something wrong with trying to present “hearsay” evidence in court, but what actually does that mean? Here is a legal definition: “Hearsay is an extrajudicial utterance offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted therein.” Sounds like a lawyer made up that definition,… more

Big Business Can Do Whatever it Wants? Not Always.

Small businessmen who have a franchise from a big company, like a Fortune 500 company, do have some protections against unfair or unreasonable treatment. For example, there was a Cadillac dealer in Pennsylvania that wanted to relocate its dealership.  Another dealer objected, fearing competition in its area.  The dealer who wanted to move its operation asked… more

Don’t Try to Get Away with Cheating the Government

Don’t Try to Get Away with Cheating the Government Last year, a man filed for unemployment compensation but he was still on his employer’s payroll. He received a state issued unemployment benefits debit card. He gave the card and PIN number to his wife (which he was told not to do). She used the card… more

Radon and Real Estate

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania sits atop a certain rock formation called the Reading Prong, which frequently results in the contamination of houses and buildings by radon gas. Radon is an odorless and colorless gas, which seeps into buildings normally through the basement, and is known to increase a person’s risk of incurring lung cancer. The Federal… more


Who needs a lawyer? Can’t I just take care of things myself? After all, there is a lot of information available on the internet…. The internet won’t give you a complete picture of any legal matter, and it won’t tell you how your personal situation should change a “canned” document or procedure. Consider these situations,… more

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