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Why Does Divorce Skyrocket from January to March?

All over the U.S., lawyers are talking about the increased number of divorce cases they see in January. While December is usually the year’s low, January numbers shoot up and remain that way through March. What’s behind this trend?

Post-Holiday Detox

It makes sense that divorce would be low during December. Who wants to file for divorce when the Holidays are all about family? You don’t want to ruin it for the kids, and if you don’t have much of a family connection – who has the time between all the parties and events leading up to New Years?

It’s easy to put it off until the New Year, which is all about making resolutions to detox the bad out of your life. A broken relationship? It seems the perfect time to start over and face the divorce proceedings.

Money Fights

Money is one of the two biggest things couples fight about, and what time of year are you fighting about money the most? The holidays! Between all the different gifts, vacation time, and more – couples are bound to fight about how funds are being spent, and how they will budget for the next year.

Winter Blues

While some parts of the U.S. continue to enjoy nice weather through these winter months, the rest of us are dealing with dark skies, little to no sunshine, snowstorms, and more. We all get the winter blues, but it can turn into full-blown depression and hopelessness for some. If a marriage is already suffering, there’s nothing like an awful winter to give it that final push.

Even though January is nicknamed “Divorce Month” in legal circles, don’t take your cue from the rest of the world. If your marriage is worth saving, go for it. If it’s beyond repair, take your time and make the decision based on the timing that works best for you.