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Diverse areas of law for business & personal

We pride ourselves on having attorneys on staff who are very experienced in the services we offer. Rather than having everyone try to do a little bit of everything, our lawyers each have specific areas of expertise that allow our firm to provide you with the best possible service, personalized to your needs.

Use the menu to the left to quickly navigate to your desired service, or read more about each below and click on the “View Services” link once you find the service that suits you.


We handle business as well as personal bankruptcy, and can help with chapter 13, corporate and chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

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Business Law

From soup to nuts, we will help you from the point of starting your business through the development and growth stages. We will advise you on employment, real estate and contractual issues that arise daily in your business.

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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is a serious problem. It requires immediate consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Trust Reese, Samley, Wagenseller, Mecum & Longer, P.C. to come to your defense when you need it most.

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We provide ethical, vigorous and client-tailored representation for one of the most difficult periods of time you will experience in your life. Call us today and know that you have our experienced divorce lawyers and family law attorneys on your side.

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Estate Law

We believe that particularly in an area as sensitive and emotional as the death of a loved one, trust does indeed matter most. Call us to earn your trust.

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Family Law

Family law includes divorce, alimony, alimony pendente lite, and also spouse and child support, custody, protection from abuse, the equitable distribution of marital assets and marital debt, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and more broadly, also includes guardianships and adoption.

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Personal Injury

We handle claims on behalf of clients who have been hurt by the negligence of others.

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Real Estate Assessment Appeals