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Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation, time is of the essence. Your best strategy is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can insure that your rights are protected and that you have the opportunity to build the best possible defense. Even if no criminal charges have been filed, if you have been contacted by law enforcement or asked to speak with the police about an on-going investigation, you need legal representation. Your legal rights could be seriously compromised when you have contact with law enforcement, and most times in the course of an investigation, you are NOT entitled to Miranda warnings. What you say to the police even informally will most likely result in a serious detriment to your defense.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

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If your juvenile son or daughter is in trouble, law enforcement cannot question a juvenile without a parent or other interested adult present. Oftentimes, police contact with a juvenile occurs at school and a principal or other school personnel can take the place of a parent during questioning as the interested adult. Admissions made by a juvenile under these circumstances can seriously compromise a potential defense and create a record that interferes with future educational or career opportunities. The best option for your child is to have legal representation as soon as you become aware of a potential problem or investigation.

The criminal defense lawyers at RSWM&L handle a wide range of criminal cases, misdemeanors to felonies, adult and juvenile matters.

Attorney Janice Longer is distinguished by her Death Penalty Certification, which is granted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court only to attorneys who have complex felony trial experience and complete yearly trainings to continually hone their skills. When you are facing the possibility of a jury trial with potential outcomes that could include a lengthy prison sentence, you need to know that your trial attorney has the necessary experience and professional maturity to represent you not only in the courtroom but through all the necessary pre-trial procedures beginning with a thorough investigation, and including the preparation of pre-trial motions, such as motions to suppress evidence against you. We will thoroughly analyze the prosecution’s case to build the best possible defense for you before the trial even starts.

Not all criminal cases end in a jury trial.

Many times, circumstances dictate that a negotiated plea or other non-jury resolution is in a client’s best interests. We are always candid and honest with our clients. Our job is to get the best possible result for the you and we always spend the time required to achieve that goal.