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Severance Agreements

Employment disputes involving highly skilled professionals or managers often resolve in a negotiated severance agreement. Our attorneys are experienced in representing employees or management in the negotiation of a fair severance package. Separation from a job is never easy on the employee or the company. In these cases, we work to resolve the issues expeditiously and with a minimum of interference in the company’s operations or the employee’s compensation.

Severance agreements often address much more than just severance pay, including such issues as the payment of on-going medical or COBRA benefits, earned or anticipated compensation pursuant to bonus or other incentive plans, non-compete agreements and even the press release announcing the departure of a key employee. Our attorneys understand that a change in employment status is a complex and sensitive matter for both the employee and the company or employer involved. For that reason, we respond quickly and effectively to minimize the impact of a job loss for the employee or the disruption in business for the employer.

Unemployment Compensation

Many times a job loss will result in an application for unemployment compensation benefits. If you are an employee who has been denied benefits, you will need to file an appeal and attend a hearing before an Unemployment Compensation Benefits referee. Employers who terminate an employee’s job for a good reason may disagree with a grant of benefits and have the same opportunity to appeal and attend a hearing before a referee.

Issues involved in the denial of benefits can include willful misconduct, voluntary quit, refusal to accept a change in compensation or hours or other conditions of employment. These issues can be quite complicated and the law in this area is constantly changing and developing. Our attorneys are experienced in handling complex claims and appeals whether you are an employee who has been denied benefits or an employer challenging a grant of benefits.