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Your Estate questions..

Do I need a will? Will the state take my property if I don’t have a will? Are living trusts better than wills? What is the tax impact to my children when I die and they inherit my estate? Do I need a power of attorney or living will?


..Our Estate Answers

These are among the many questions individuals have when considering estate planning. Having done estate work for over 45 years, we can help you evaluate your needs, and recommend suitable solutions. We have estate attorneys in our Lancaster office, who can help you as well with our estate settlement needs, life insurance claims and other matters which are entailed with the death of a loved one. We pride ourselves in earning and keeping the trust of our clients.

To us, it is more than a slogan. We believe that particularly in an area as sensitive and emotional as the death of a loved one, trust does indeed matter most. Call us to earn your trust.