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Wrongful Death

Tragedy can strike at any time, without warning, resulting in the sudden loss of a loved one. Losing a son or daughter, a mother or father, or caring and loving wife or devoted husband devastates a family. Many times that loss carries with it enormous financial consequences which pale in comparison to the emotional vacuum created by the death of that loved one.

Wrongful Death Attorneys

We are Lancaster Attorneys who evaluate wrongful death cases

We evaluate wrongful death cases and represent people with wrongful death claims. Wrongful death claims involve a host of issues for the attorney to explore with the client. Did your loved one consciously suffer before his or her death? What kind of void did that person leave by the loss of his or her earning capacity? Who is responsible for the wrongful death claim? The attorneys at the Lancaster office will pursue your claim with vigor to reach a fair conclusion.

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our firm is well versed on litigation of wrongful death claims. We have represented families who have suffered the touching loss of a child, the tragic loss of a parent and the financially crippling loss of a spouse. We are caring, patient, hard working Lancaster wrongful death attorneys who have been in practice for decades and take pride in service the best interest of their client. And remember, there are no fees unless and until a recovery is made on your behalf.