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Real Estate Assessments

What does Reassessment Mean?

All property parcels in Lancaster County will receive an updated assessment. This new assessment represents an estimate of your property’s fair market value. The new assessment will be effective as of 1/1/18 for Municipal taxes and 7/1/18 for School District taxes.

Why is Reassessment being done?

  • The law requires periodic reassessment be conducted by counties. Clifton v. Allegheny County 969 A.2d 1197 (Pa. 2009).
  • The last reassessment was effective as of 1/1/05
  • Disparity in values can be created if too long a time passes between reassessments.
  • Reassessment equalizes all assessments and current fair market values at 100% and ensures similar property types and neighborhoods are assessed fairly and uniformly.
  • The County is committed to performing periodic reassessments and has ensured that technology is now in place to provide accurate assessments for 2017.

Does this mean my taxes will definitely go up?

  • No, even though your assessment may increase, all taxing bodies must adjust their current millage rate to attain revenue neutrality. Generally, some property owners will see a tax decrease; some property owners will see their taxes remain about the same and some property owners may see their taxes increase. Your individual tax bill will be dependent on the percentage increase of your individual assessment compared to the average percentage increase in your taxing jurisdiction.


  • A preliminary notice of your property’s new assessment will be mailed to you in early March, 2017.
  • The County will have staff members at the Park City mall Community Room from March 13 through March 31st, if you want to review information concerning your property and make certain that the information about your property is accurate.
  • The County will mail a final notice establishing the assessment for your property on or about June 1, 2017.

If you are dissatisfied with the assessment
you have the right to file an appeal
within 40 days of the mailing date of that final notice.

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