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Why Schedule A Consultation?

Many initial calls by potential clients to attorneys’ offices result with a question “do I have a case or not”.  While it may seem like a very basic question, a majority of wisdom and advice you may receive from an attorney cannot be provided over the phone without the opportunity to understand the whole picture, review pertinent documents, contracts, etc.  Meeting with an attorney does not create any obligation on your part.  Lawyers have two things to sell: their advice and their time.  Every client and every case is important to a lawyer, and the only way a lawyer can identify the factual and legal issues in a case is to meet with you confidentially at a consultation to identify them.

Knowledge is power, and we strive to provide you with as much knowledge to educate you about your case as we can.  It is our goal to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case, understand the other side’s perspective and motivations, evaluate the risks of your case, and use this information to develop a case strategy and make sound decisions.

Here are some examples of when to seek a lawyer’s assistance:

  • Before signing any written contracts with major legal/financial provisions or consequences.
  • Before starting or buying a business.
  • When facing tax problems or questions.
  • When making a will or planning an estate.
  • If you are involved in an accident that results in personal injury or property damage.
  • If you are being investigated for a crime.
  • If you are being sued by someone, or if you want to sue someone.
  • When your family status has changed through marriage, adoption, divorce, guardianship, or otherwise.

If you fit in to any of these examples, do not delay.  Call us today!